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The combination of our know-how, the diversity of our products and the search for innovation allows us to bring you a tailor-made solution.

The century-old know-how of Atelier Pichon and the range of products available, combined with a striving for innovation and excellence allows for a customised solution to the diversity of our customers’ requirements. Produced in large or small batches and made-to-measure, we have the answer to your needs.

Traditionally allied to the transport sector, Atelier Pichon has developed a large range of storage nets for rail, road and air transport. Our expertise is also recognised for the manufacture of restraining nets to guarantee the safe and secure transportation of goods including fragile items.

To meet the needs of its customers, Atelier Pichon has extended its range to include other products and sectors such as furnishings and home decor, protection, and sport.

Rail and air transport

Since 1923, Atelier Pichon has nurtured its expertise in the rail, road and air transport sectors. Our storage nets, which are widely used in the layout of cars, trains (high speed trains and Thalys), and aircraft, allow for items to be tidied away whilst staying visible.

Filet vide-poche pour transport ferroviaire : sécurité et stabilité pour les marchandises - Atelier Pichon : Cette image met en avant notre filet vide-poche conçu spécialement pour le transport en train. Le filet, de couleur gris chiné, est fixé sur un solide cadre en métal qui garantit une installation facile et une stabilité optimale pendant le transport. Sa principale fonction est de sécuriser les marchandises en les empêchant de tomber ou de se déplacer pendant le trajet en train. En plus de son aspect fonctionnel, notre filet vide-poche ajoute également une touche esthétique à votre équipement de transport.

Nets for
rail transport

The storage nets elaborated by Atelier Pichon for rail transport can hold a considerable amount of weight and are very durable. Manufactured for standard trains and high speed trains (TGV), they can secure many types of objects on the backs of seats whilst allowing visibility to guarantee security.

Nets for
air transport

Our collection also includes nets for the back of aircraft seating made of TREVIRA CS or Flamex, which meet safety standards for fire and smoke retardation. They are available on frames or can be inserted directly into the fabric of your seating.

road transport

Specialists in the manufacture of netting for cars, motorbikes, bicycles, vans, caravans and buses, Atelier Pichon will work in collaboration with your team to satisfy your requirements. Our storage nets are appreciated for vehicle interior organisation and offer a space-saving solution for passengers. Our safety nets guarantee a trouble-free trip.

Storage nets for camping-cars,
vans and caravans

Filet de sécurité pour enfants sur lit superposé ou lit de caravane : prévient les chutes et les accidents. Conçu pour empêcher les enfants de tomber ou de se coincer. Un élément essentiel pour assurer la sécurité des enfants dans les espaces de vie à plusieurs niveaux.

Making your journey more pleasurable, our storage nets are available in any size and in a wide range of colours. They can be supplied plain for easy fitting to supports already in place in your camping car, van or caravan. They can also be purchased on frames coated with epoxy resin in the colour of your choice to blend in with the interior decor of your vehicle. The choice is yours! These nets optimise and maximise storage space in small areas. They can be attached to the walls or the ceiling – anything is possible.

We also offer safety nets for high placed berths, bunk beds and cabin beds to allow for maximum comfort and security.

Load restraint nets

Atelier Pichon has added a large range of cargo nets and support straps to its impressive range of storage nets. These allow for the safe and secure transportation of objects of various sizes and weights from one place to another. We have also developed different systems of fastenings to satisfy all your requirements.

Nets for school, tourist
and long-haul coaches

The range of Atelier Pichon’s storage nets is also available for coaches and buses. These nets fit perfectly onto the backs of seats allowing the passengers to store their possessions during their journey without forgetting them when they leave.

automobile - seats

When attached to the backs of seats our car storage nets contribute to optimising available space within the passenger compartment of your vehice for the convenience of all users.

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professional vehicles

Practical and offering numerous possibilities for storing and securing items, Atelier Pichon’s nets are popular for the organisation of all types of utility vehicles.


The quality and robustness of our nets will stand up to the most exacting use. Pichon nets are reliable partners for ambulances, emergency medical vehicles, fire engines, police vehicles and army vehicles.


Partners in your productivity and efficacity, Atelier Pichon nets optimise the layout and organisation of your professional vehicle. Straps, storage nets and security nets are custom-made in different materials to allow flexibility and support for the safety of the professional as well as the safety of their work tools.

Filet de rangement pour véhicule professionnel : maintient les objets en place lors du transport, améliorant la sécurité et l'organisation. Protège les passagers des objets volants en cas de freinage brusque ou d'accident. Facile à installer et à utiliser, offrant une solution pratique pour la sécurité et l'organisation des véhicules professionnels.

nets for
utility vehicles

Another way of looking at the utility of Atelier Pichon nets, is that they ensure your security by preventing tools and documentation becoming projectiles in case of braking that endanger the driver and their passengers. Our nets fit the size, standard, design and ergonomy you are looking for for your professional vehicle.

Nautical nets

Atelier Pichon nets are resistant to UV light and the marine environment making them perfect for the nautical world.

Filet de sécurité nautique : prévient les chutes à l'eau et assure une protection supplémentaire lors des déplacements en mer. Cet équipement de sécurité essentiel pour les activités nautiques peut être facilement installé sur le bateau. Résistant à l'eau, il offre une protection durable aux passagers.

Pontoon nets

The range of Atelier Pichon’s security nets increases safety for passengers when walking across a more or less narrow pontoon.

Safety nets for berths

For a well-earned break without the risk of falling out of bed during your trip, Atelier Pichon’s safety nets for berths are indispensable.

Storage nets

Our nets, when fitted to the sides of sailing boats, pleasure craft, cruise ships and yachts, are space-saving and ensure the security of passengers and objects alike.

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support and stockage

For the industrial sector, Atelier Pichon offers partition and safety nets to cordon off private or dangerous areas, nets for trolleys or tractors, and container nets. Straps and bungee cords are also available for securing and storing multiple items.

Partition nets
cab/cargo areas

Atelier Pichon’s partition nets, which are mostly elasticated, allow for safe journeys by separating the cargo area from the passenger compartment. Heavy objects or animals won’t become projectiles in case of hard braking. These nets are available in any size possible to allow them to be fitted to any vehicle.

cargo nets

Atelier Pichon has developed a range of storage nets to ensure the safe transport of heavy items in any type of vehicle. These nets can be attached inside the load area, onto a trailer or onto a trolley, and to all types of supports or fastenings. They can therefore accomodate the various kinds of items that they are protecting by holding them securely with standard fastenings, straps or hooks.

security straps

Atelier Pichon has designed straps to securely transport your goods. They allow for the securing of heavy objects on a trailer, luggage in a carboot, or to make fast the contents of your utility vehicle and transport them safely. Available in widths ranging from 2.5 mm to 75 mm, our straps can support up to 10 tons and are available in polypropylene, polyester, rubber, and nylon. They can, for the most part, be fitted with ratchets or carabine hooks.

Protection and security

Atelier Pichon nets ensure the safety of people and objects in the home as well as out-of-doors. The large choice in our range of nets, their finishing touches and fastenings, will satisfy the most diverse and specific expectations.


The barrier nets designed by Atelier Pichon can be adapted to suit the dimensions of your interior and the space that you wish to secure. We will work with you to define the desired materials and colours for your stairways, mezzanines, cabin or bunk beds.

Fall-prevention and protection nets

The Atelier Pichon safety nets can protect people and objects for years on end. They can be used to protect against falling stones, to stop items falling, as a barrier to stop your animals from escaping, or to prevent other domestic or wild animals from entering your property, etc. Choose your mesh colour in high-quality polypropylene to blend in with your environment.

Bungee cord
safety nets

The Atelier Pichon safety nets made with bungee cords combine solidity and elasticity. Made from stapled bungee cords in diameters ranging from 2 mm to 20 mm, they are resistant to high pressure to secure your living environment or to keep you safe.

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Furnishing and decor

Mixing the practical with the aesthetic, Atelier Pichon has developed a range dedicated to furnishing and decorating indoors and outdoors. We have ropes and made-to-measure nets in materials and colours to suit your tastes.

furnishing nets

Atelier Pichon has designed different types of netting to optimise your storage spaces and simplify the organisation of your home, outbuildings or exterior.

decorative nets

With a by-the-seaside or family home warmth, the Atelier Pichon decorative net will give peps to your interior decor when dressed with the faces of your loved ones or photos of your travels.

Filet de décoration et d'aménagement d'intérieur : ajoutez une touche de design moderne à votre espace de vie. Parfait pour créer des séparations d'espace, décorer murs, plafonds ou suspendre des objets décoratifs. Disponible dans une variété de tailles, couleurs et styles pour s'adapter à tous les intérieurs. Utilisez ce filet de décoration pour apporter une touche contemporaine à votre maison, bureau ou espace commercial.

ornemental nets

Knotted nets, which are at the heart of Atelier Pichon’s know-how, can adorn your home. Ergonomic, aesthetic and easy to use, they can protect a baby from falling from its crib or from the unwelcome visit of your domestic animals.


All individual or group sports that use nets can find what they’re looking for in the Atelier Pichon know-how and range. Football and handball goal nets, basketball hoops, tennis and volleyball nets, golf practice nets – we have something for everyone.


Measuring 12.8 m in length and 1.07 m in height, the Atelier Pichon tennis court net will embellish your singles, doubles or competition matches.


With its 6.02 m length and its 0.76 m height, in line with the reglementary size and to be used with all forms of the game, the Atelier Pichon badminton net is the ideal partner for your matches for years to come.


The Atelier Pichon volleyball nets, which measure 9.5 m in length and 1 m in height, ensure an excellent game quality either indoors or on the beach.


With a diameter ranging from 3 mm to 6 mm and its availability in a choice of colours, the Atelier Pichon nylon basketball hoop nets are resistant against even the most enthusiastic shooters.

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Our Atelier has been able to diversify its offer to meet your needs as closely as possible. We offer many types of nets that can be attached on different types of mounting brackets. We also offer a wide variety of bungees and straps. Thanks to our diversified offer, you will find the solution to your needs in order to attach, store and strap all your products.

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