All our products are manufactured in France and are available in made-to-measure sizes
The Atelier Pichon range is manufactured in France and is available in custom sizes. The large range of types of netting available and the variety of finishing and fixing techniques allows us to satisfy the expectations of our customers. We hope to count you among them in the near future.
Atelier Pichon nets are available in many different materials: cotton, natural latex, polyester, polypropylene, and polyamide. We also offer a large range of netting using TREVIRA CS, which is fire and smoke retardant, from our experience in the aeronautic field.

Knotted netting

Specialists in the manufacture of knotted netting, our Atelier Pichon offers a large choice of links, materials and colours for this type of netting.

Made up of links knotted together by hand, they are as solid as they are flexible. These nets can be knotted into specific shapes by changing the size of the links to take the form of a trapezium or a crib for example.

Filets noués de qualité chez l'Atelier Pichon : Explorez notre vaste sélection de filets noués pour répondre à vos besoins spécifiques en matière de sécurité, de sport, de transport et bien plus encore.
Large choix de filets tissés, tressés ou soudés à l'Atelier Pichon : Explorez les nombreuses applications possibles tels que les filets de sécurité, de sport, de transport, et bien plus encore. Trouvez la solution adaptée à vos besoins spécifiques.

Plaited, woven or welded nets

Sought after for its strength and its light weight, the Atelier Pichon plaited, woven or welded netting has numerous practical applications. In the home or out-of-doors it is popular for different uses: as a safety net against falling objects or people, sports nets, organising, etc.

This plaited, woven or welded netting is available in many colours and materials (polyethylene, polypropylene, polyamide or polyester). Its square or hexagonal links are available in large sizes.

Elasticated nets

Characterised by the suppleness of its links, elasticated net can be used to cover and hold large objects and guarantee safe and secure transportation. Our nets are plaited from polypropylene cables which are both solid and elastic. They can withstand high pressure and are available in link sizes of between 2 mm and 20 mm.

The link size can be adapted depending on its use. Our elasticated nets can be used as luggage restraints in vehicles or on bicycles, or as load restraints in utility vehicles. They can be made in various shapes.

Filets élastiques résistants à l'Atelier Pichon : Explorez notre sélection de filets élastiques conçus pour supporter des charges importantes tout en offrant une grande flexibilité pour une utilisation polyvalente.

Stapled bungee cord nets

Filets agrafés en sandow pour poids lourds chez l'Atelier Pichon : Explorez notre gamme de filets en sandow spécialement conçus pour une utilisation sur des véhicules de transport de marchandises tels que les camions et les remorques. Garantissez une sécurité renforcée lors du transport de vos marchandises.

Manufactured with small crimping staples at each link knot, stapled nets made from bungee cords keep their flexibility whilst gaining in solidity. They can withstand high pressure and are available in polypropylene in diameters ranging from 2 mm to 20 mm.

They can be used to secure loads which are both heavy and bulky. They can also be used to cordon off danger zones.

Riveted nets

Filets rivetés avec mousquetons chez l'Atelier Pichon : Explorez notre sélection de filets rivetés équipés de mousquetons, adaptés à une utilisation polyvalente dans divers secteurs tels que le transport, le sport, la sécurité, et bien d'autres.

Recommended for its unique solidity, riveted netting is made from straps of various sizes.

This highly resistant net is ideal for securing or transporting heavy objects and is usually mounted on carabine hooks to ensure the reliability of its hold.

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Finishes and fastenings

We adjust each of our supports and fastenings depending on the characteristics of different nets to satisfy Atelier Pichon’s aim for excellence and the expectations of our customers.


Plain nets, without frames or straps, allow for a greater adaptability and will harmoniously dress a support already in place. They can be used as safety barriers for a mezzanine or to delineate the sleeping area of a camping car.


With either a steel or stainless steel frame, untreated or painted with epoxy resin in the colour of your choice, the Atelier Pichon frames can be customised in a multitude of ways. In standard or custom sizes (minimum order 50), the Atelier Pichon net can be personalised to blend in with your decor.


Nets mounted on bungee cords, available in large or small batches, provide greater elasticity and allow for more freedom of use. Because of their finish, they can adapt to all types of surfaces, uneven or smooth, behind a seat, hanging from a ceiling, attached to a wall or partioning an area.



Nets mounted on straps, which have a greater flexibility than nets mounted on frames, provide good support when fitted and can accomodate a large volume.



Depending on their desired use, the Atelier Pichon nets can be finished in different ways. Our nets sewn onto bolt-ropes, generally used for security nets and safety nets, have a high resistance supported on all four sides by bolt-ropes with diameters ranging from 1.8 mm to 14 mm in polyamide, polyethylene or polypropylene.

Our nets can also be equiped with a PVC band fixed on hooks giving the net a metal armature popular for sports. They can also be finished with elastic or webbing sewn around their edges.



Atelier Pichon has a wide choice of different types of fittings for its nets: hooks, carabine hooks, brackets or staples. Our nets ensure stable and durable support.

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our other products

Our Atelier has been able to diversify its offer to meet your needs as closely as possible. We also offer a wide variety of bungees and straps. Thanks to our diversified offer, you will find the solution to your needs in order to attach, store and strap all your products.

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