All our products are manufactured in France and are available in made-to-measure sizes
Atelier Pichon’s straps are highly valued for restraining and securely storing goods. Some examples of uses for our straps are: fixing heavy objects to a trailer, securing luggage in a car, or transporting goods safely in your utility vehicle.


Available in different widths (from 4 mm to 140 mm) and in thicknesses ranging from 0.5 mm to 5 mm, our straps can be made from polypropylene, polyester, rubber or nylon depending on the level of elasticity desired.

They are available in 100 metre rolls without fittings or finished with ratchets, carabine hooks or any other type of tensioning system depending on your requirements.

Choisissez parmi notre gamme de sangles : standard ou sur-mesure, pour une sécurité et une fiabilité inégalées.
Choisissez parmi nos sangles offrant une élasticité adaptée à vos besoins.


Attentive to your needs, we manufacture our straps to your specifications. They are made with textiles to offer a high resistance to UV light: cotton, linen or hemp threads, etc.

Our straps are also available in more specialised materials such as polypropylene, polyethylene, polyester, polyamide, stainless steel, Nomex, Kevlar, Basaltex, Technora, copper, etc.


Atelier Pichon straps are compatible with numerous types of fittings, buckles or rivets to satisfy your requirements.

As with our nets, they are available in various formats and a wide range of colours.

Options variées de fixations pour les sangles chez Atelier Pichon

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Our Atelier has been able to diversify its offer to meet your needs as closely as possible. We offer many types of nets that can be mounted on many mounting brackets. We also offer a wide variety of bungees. Thanks to our diversified offer, you will find the solution to your needs in order to attach, store and strap all your products.

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